Sweet Dough

I’ve been using this recipe for about 6 months now and it hasn’t failed me yet.  I got it from … Continue ReadingSweet Dough

New Crop Growth with Ancient Seeds

http://www.azpm.org/news/story/2011/12/19/1830-new-growth-with-ancient-seeds/ An increasing number of Americans are paying closer attention to the source of the food they eat, and experts … Continue ReadingNew Crop Growth with Ancient Seeds

Some Great Links

I have about 30 tabs open, trying to remember to post information (or save recipes) so here are some of … Continue ReadingSome Great Links


While straying away from my low carb menu, I found this web page which is wonderful! If you ever wanted … Continue ReadingNoodles

Low Carb Food Storage

Well, since my switch in eating, I’ve been thinking about all of my food storage.  Boy, I have some adjustments … Continue ReadingLow Carb Food Storage

Safe Use of Household Greywater

Below is an article describing the safe use of household greywater (think kitchen sink, washer, and bathtub water) from a … Continue ReadingSafe Use of Household Greywater