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Last Crocheted Gifts

They should arrive any day, so here’s the post.

The scarf is this same pattern as before but with the fringe:


And these are new! Brooklyn Fingerless Mitts!  I loved making these (I tried one but good Lord I couldn’t get it right).  The only thing I did different was less rows between the cuff and the thumb plus sewed on the flowers.  I preferred the cuff hitting right where my hand begins.


Now, I’m off to try to finish that afghan I started a year ago!  🙂


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Crocheted Scarf and Slippers

O.k.  This is the latest round of gifts (actually, one of the gifts was shown in my last post).

This scarf is for my other sister:


Due to the color of the yarn (Navy) it’s kinda hard to see the pattern but here’s a link to it.  I really like how dense the pattern is without being bulky or heavy.

And here are the slippers.  These are for my brother-in-law so I’m not sure if they will fit.  His foot is two sizes larger than mine and two sizes smaller than hubby’s so I just kinda guessed.  After putting these on with socks (on my feet) I think they will be too small).


And here’s the pattern.  I REALLY tried to do the design on top.  After counting and counting and no matter what I did it kept going crooked, I just left that part out and crocheted straight across (I ripped these out 5 times, trying to get that design to be straight).  It’s not the pattern designer’s fault, it’s mine.  I’ve never done anything like that design before so I should try on something bigger (and flat).

By the way, that blog right there is fantastic!  She has some really nice basic crochet (and a little more advanced) video tutorials there.  You should check her out!

O.k.  Now that I’m done with those … hats!  Same pattern I posted before but different colors.  I’ll post those when I’m done.

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Crocheted Hat and 2 Scarves

So, these are my latest.  Since it’s a gift for my sister, and it has already left my house to be given to her, there’s nothing she can say about it!  LOL!  So, I’m posting the pictures with links to the patterns so I can finally close those tabs in my browser.


I know the hat is kinda fuzzy (out of focus) but I used this pattern, which I will pretty much stick with for all the hats I do (just make them longer or whatever).  I used 2 strands of yarn and then added scallops (shells, whatever they are called) to the bottom edge to make a bit more “girly”.I also added a few more rows, so the brim could be folded up.

The scarf is this pattern but I made it more narrow.  I am not good a gauging how much yarn I have and some of these patterns say stuff like, “2 balls of …” How much is a ball?  So, this was a smaller skein of yarn and I didn’t have enough but loved the color.

Then, since I had already made one in the wrong color for my intended recipient, she gets this scarf too (since the other one really isn’t long enough and this one is warmer).  I took this picture to show the how the difference in yarn for the same pattern looks.  I did it a little wider than the pattern called for but you can get the idea (she gets the scarf on the right).  First, the link:

Now the picture:


I’m working on one more scarf, then I get to slog my way through some slippers, then 4 hats to make from the pattern above but these are for adult males and the colors are dark grey, black, green, yellow, and red.  I’ll post those pictures (and patterns) when I’m done.

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Crocheted Hat

And, here’s my second officially finished project.


Once my test subject/model/adopted son comes over to get it, I warned him he has to model for a picture so I can show off my brilliance!  LOL!  I tried (I really did) to use this pattern but I just did not like the way it looked.  So, I ad-libed this.  It’s Tunisian crochet (hence the stiff look) with two knit rows for the first rows (won’t do that again.  It made the edge too stiff) then the rest is one knit and one pearl (except I slipped a stitch somehow and ended up with one column of two knits together … I kinda liked that.  I might have to figure out something else to make doing that “oops” on purpose).  I made a rectangle, then finished it like the pattern (slip stitched it together to form a tube then gathered the top).  It hasn’t been on anyone’s head yet, so it will look better once my model arrives (hint, hint).

If you don’t know Tunisian Crochet, here is a You Tube channel from Kim Guzman, the woman that taught me how to do this (thank you, Kim!): Crochet Kim.  If you are interested, here is her website also.

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I Just Want to Be a Hermit – crochet

Yeah, this week has been better than most.  After almost 6 weeks of being sick, I’m finally getting better but now, all I want to do is make-up for all the housework that I have neglected while sick and curl up into a ball on the couch and crochet.  So, here’s my first crochet project that I consider finished.

Crochet Hat and Scarf
This is a hat and scarf for my niece. I used this pattern for the hat (, put the flowers on (the buttons were my grandmother’s), then put the fringe on the scarf so it would match (the scarf is I think a half single crochet? I just did it and liked it). Next project? This hat for one of my “adopted” sons:

I also have been working on (for a year or so) a patchwork afghan with squares/rectangles, each one a different Tunisian crochet stitch (I wanted to learn each one). So, that’s sitting there waiting for me to finish putting borders around each piece (I have three more to do) then join them. I ultimately want this to cover our king-sized bed, so we’ll see if I have enough yarn! lol If not, I’ll just add on some more colors. Each piece is in the colors of the flowers on the hat (with a moss green thrown in), with the borders in the same yarn as the hat and scarf above. We’ll see how that turns out … now that I figured out my phone/camera a little bit better, I’ll do my best to take some decent pictures.