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Crocheted Hat

And, here’s my second officially finished project.


Once my test subject/model/adopted son comes over to get it, I warned him he has to model for a picture so I can show off my brilliance!  LOL!  I tried (I really did) to use this pattern but I just did not like the way it looked.  So, I ad-libed this.  It’s Tunisian crochet (hence the stiff look) with two knit rows for the first rows (won’t do that again.  It made the edge too stiff) then the rest is one knit and one pearl (except I slipped a stitch somehow and ended up with one column of two knits together … I kinda liked that.  I might have to figure out something else to make doing that “oops” on purpose).  I made a rectangle, then finished it like the pattern (slip stitched it together to form a tube then gathered the top).  It hasn’t been on anyone’s head yet, so it will look better once my model arrives (hint, hint).

If you don’t know Tunisian Crochet, here is a You Tube channel from Kim Guzman, the woman that taught me how to do this (thank you, Kim!): Crochet Kim.  If you are interested, here is her website also.

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