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Usually, when I say the word water, I make a face and say the word like a little kid agreeing to do something they don’t want to do.  I am not naturally a water drinker.  As a matter of fact, I typically have to force myself to drink any.
Well, I wanted to tell you how I force (yes, force, especially now that the weather has cooled) myself to get in any water during the day.
First: There has to be ice in the water.  No matter how cold it is coming out of the tap, it just doesn’t taste right.
Second: In the beginning, I added a little salt and the squeeze of about 1/8 lime. It was still quite warm when I came back full bore and this was very refreshing. That is, until my teeth started hurting. It seems they couldn’t handle the added acid.
Third: I drink my water with a straw. When we had that awful day driving to Fry’s electronics with nothing to drink, on the way home we picked up some 44 ounce sodas (mmmmm …. diet Mountain Dew). I liked the cups, so that’s what I started using for my water. I managed to drink three of those every day without thinking about it too much. Well, even though I was hand washing, the Styrofoam didn’t hold up so I went back to my 32-ounce thermos mug. I could barely finish 2 of those. Then, I came across a posting on Reddit where many said they drank more with a straw. So, in that little hole on the top went a straw and I was up to 3 of those a day (I need a bigger mug … I actually get lazy when I’m in the middle of doing something and don’t want to get up just to fill up my water).
Fourth: I bribe myself. No matter what else I’m drinking, I have my mug-o-water next to it. If I want another swig of coffee,tea or soda, I need to drink some water first.
That’s it.  Now, to practice what I preach and fill up my water mug.  Happy Drinking!

3 thoughts on “Water”

  1. UGH!! Water is the WORST!!!
    I can go weeks without ever drinking plain water. I know it’s terrible, but I just hate water!!
    Give me some iced sweet tea (I am southern after all!) and I will be as happy as a dead pig in the sun!

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