To Learn, You Must Do

It’s rare when I am surprised by anything I read online. The last time I was truly shocked about anything … Continue ReadingTo Learn, You Must Do

Beware False Gods

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is, “Everyone is human and has their own journey to take.” … Continue Reading >Beware False Gods

Creative Badass Challenge – A Year Later?

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Creative Badass Challenge – Dave Conrey

I know.  I talk about him quite a bit.  I swear, I’m not a stalker but he resonates with me.  … Continue ReadingCreative Badass Challenge – Dave Conrey

Problems? We All Have Them.

Now, with this new branch of my learning/growth, I’ve also discovered something else that I need to share and be … Continue ReadingProblems? We All Have Them.

Who Am I? I Am The Teacher And The Student!

So, through all of this self-discovery: looking deep within myself to discover who I truly am and what I truly … Continue ReadingWho Am I? I Am The Teacher And The Student!

The 2015 Version Of You – Setting Goals