To Learn, You Must Do

It’s rare when I am surprised by anything I read online. The last time I was truly shocked about anything … Continue ReadingTo Learn, You Must Do

Recycling of clothes and woolen by handloom weaving

How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater

Check this out!

I’m Weaving!

Well, after much trial and error (mostly me thinking I was smarter than most others and not having it work … Continue ReadingI’m Weaving!


Well, I promised a post on macrame.  Since I ended up NOT doing this with my plant hangers (I ended … Continue ReadingMacrame

Basic Weaving (101)

I’m back on my weaving tangent, though I’m not even finished with my woman cave yet. This is how my … Continue ReadingBasic Weaving (101)

Grind Your Own Meat In Minutes: Use A Food Processor!

After the last food recall (which was hamburger made from diseased cows … yeah, like cutting out the cancerous eye … Continue ReadingGrind Your Own Meat In Minutes: Use A Food Processor!

Power Wood Carving Info (and links)

One more week and I can go play in the garage again! Until then, I’m watching videos and dreaming … … Continue ReadingPower Wood Carving Info (and links)

Overdose from Kidney Cleanses?

So, I’m on day 5 of my parsley tea regimen and I’m feeling much better, though the pain is more … Continue ReadingOverdose from Kidney Cleanses?

Basic Liver Tonic

Well, today is day 4 of my parsley tea and it’s working!  I feel much better (and think it may … Continue ReadingBasic Liver Tonic