Don't Wait For The Middle Finger

Young ones (well, anyone younger than me, aka 50 and younger), please don’t be like me. I treated my body … Continue ReadingDon't Wait For The Middle Finger

To Learn, You Must Do

It’s rare when I am surprised by anything I read online. The last time I was truly shocked about anything … Continue ReadingTo Learn, You Must Do

Creative Badass Challenge – A Year Later?

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You know, sometimes, things are going so well.  Everything is running smooth, the creative juices are flowing, I’m focused and … Continue ReadingStress

This Guided Meditation, Right Here!

This meditation is perfect, especially with the manufactured outrage that is rampant all over the media and internet now. AND … Continue ReadingThis Guided Meditation, Right Here!

Problems? We All Have Them.

Now, with this new branch of my learning/growth, I’ve also discovered something else that I need to share and be … Continue ReadingProblems? We All Have Them.

Respect for Elders

Those words (the subject line) actually popped out of my mouth yesterday while I was mid-rant to my husband.  They … Continue ReadingRespect for Elders

Personal Issues – Tests

I set forth on this journey to discover who I truly was and “who I wanted to be when I … Continue ReadingPersonal Issues – Tests

Tim O’Brien on Personal Branding – CSUN

I’m a huge fan of video/audio presentations.  So, while sitting here, recovering from a night of insomnia, I decided to … Continue ReadingTim O’Brien on Personal Branding – CSUN

Personal Branding – Who Am I? – Traits

So, steps four and five of Defining Who You Are from The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand is … Continue ReadingPersonal Branding – Who Am I? – Traits