Great Depression Cooking with Clara

I hope and pray that all those that can are preparing for the growing season. Now is the time, especially with the state of our nation. I see this time as a combination of rationing during World War II and the Great Depression. If we do not now take care of ourselves as much as possible, there may be no one there who can (or will). Even if all you have is a giant pot of dirt, plant something. Ask a friend who has a yard if you can utilize some of their land for growing food in exchange for a share of it (or a share of the prepared food). We need to do this if we are to survive the coming financial storms. Oh, and just so you know I am not even close to being a great gardener (like Gladgrower), I’ll take a few pictures of my house and yard when it stops raining (I won’t even clean up the mess my dog made of a bag of cans). It was bad this past year. I am to change that this year!

On that note, I found the neatest website! It’s called “Depression Cooking with Clara”. She has some You Tube videos of some dishes her mom made when she was growing up.

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  1. >The thing I see is “our” way of living is spreading and these new additions to our life style are freaking out. I discovered that we (those of us living here in California) are sheltered. My husband’s foreman recently took a trip to see family in Detroit. He told us that he couldn’t believe how many families (entire families) are living in their vehicles. And ALL the plants (not just car) are closed down. We aren’t seeing that here but the migration (we’ll see if it’s as bad as during the dust bowl) of homeless to California has begun. Quite a few from neighboring states (Nevada, Arizona) but I’m not sure where else they are coming from.

  2. >That’s just unreal about entire families. I did not know it was that bad. I guess living out in the boonies has sheltered us quite a bit too. We do have a few friends in bigger cities, but they don’t talk about that stuff. Wow!

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