Venison Goulash- Ozpörkölt 2 lbs. leg of venison, cut into 2″ chunks1 tbsp. white wine vinegar1⁄4 lb. smoked bacon, finely chopped1 large … Continue ReadingVenison Goulash- Ozpörkölt

Umbrian Bean & Squash Soup – Zuppa di Fagiole e Zucca

When I think of food storage, you can NEVER have too many bean recipes!  🙂 Ingredients:4 Cups Cooked Cannellini … Continue ReadingUmbrian Bean & Squash Soup – Zuppa di Fagiole e Zucca

Cream of Broccoli Soup

It’s that time of year: Spring and the run for trying to figure out different ways to serve/preserve vegetables!  I … Continue ReadingCream of Broccoli Soup

Ma’s Tortilla Soup

Last (but not least) for today: My mom’s tortilla soup.  This is so easy, inexpensive, and could be healthy (but wouldn’t be … Continue ReadingMa’s Tortilla Soup

I Got My Pressure Canner!

After 20 years of waiting, I have finally gotten a pressure canner! I am so excited I can hardly think … Continue ReadingI Got My Pressure Canner!