Dremel Wood Carving … So Far

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that Tim Vande Sluis of http://carvingonwood.com/ is correct. You can’t really do fine, detailed … Continue ReadingDremel Wood Carving … So Far

Power Wood Carving Info (and links)

One more week and I can go play in the garage again! Until then, I’m watching videos and dreaming … … Continue ReadingPower Wood Carving Info (and links)

My Power Wood Carving

I’ve added a new page (and what a pain it was to add the list of posts at the bottom … Continue ReadingMy Power Wood Carving

Transferring Images to Wood

So, I’m on a major tangent (as I stated in my last post).  The majority of wood carvings I have … Continue ReadingTransferring Images to Wood

Welding and Wood Carving

I have found two You Tube channels (actually, hubby found one) that are fantastic and I need to share them! … Continue ReadingWelding and Wood Carving