New To Me Book Resource

So, I don’t really do a lot of searching for places to buy books online but today a friend mentioned … Continue ReadingNew To Me Book Resource

Product Review – Sol De Oro Low Carb Tortillas

Well, since today we went to a “normal” store (not Costco) I decided to look around a little. I’m getting … Continue ReadingProduct Review – Sol De Oro Low Carb Tortillas

Coconut Oil (and others) Supplier

I bought a 5-gallon bucket 9 years-ish ago, when I was making soap.  Of course, that’s just about the time … Continue ReadingCoconut Oil (and others) Supplier

Beginning Gold Panning – Sorta

Last year, I decided it was time for me to get into gold panning. The last time I had done … Continue ReadingBeginning Gold Panning – Sorta