What Happened?

I have no idea what happened today. I woke up at my normal time, got everything done to make sure … Continue ReadingWhat Happened?

Homemade Corned Beef

I can’t believe I didn’t post about this!  I made homemade corned beef last year, leaving out the sugar and … Continue ReadingHomemade Corned Beef

Water Storage

I can’t believe I never made a post about water storage (unless I did and just can’t find it).  I … Continue ReadingWater Storage

Core Motivation

I am posting this on both blogs because I think this is one of the most profound videos I have … Continue ReadingCore Motivation

Last Crocheted Gifts

They should arrive any day, so here’s the post. The scarf is this same pattern as before but with the … Continue ReadingLast Crocheted Gifts

Crocheted Scarf and Slippers

O.k.  This is the latest round of gifts (actually, one of the gifts was shown in my last post). This … Continue ReadingCrocheted Scarf and Slippers

Crocheted Hat and 2 Scarves

So, these are my latest.  Since it’s a gift for my sister, and it has already left my house to … Continue ReadingCrocheted Hat and 2 Scarves

More young people see opportunity in farming

http://news.yahoo.com/more-young-people-see-opportunity-farming-080319604.html MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin factory worker worried about layoffs became a dairy farmer. An employee at a Minnesota … Continue ReadingMore young people see opportunity in farming

Low Carb Food Storage

Well, since my switch in eating, I’ve been thinking about all of my food storage.  Boy, I have some adjustments … Continue ReadingLow Carb Food Storage

Great Depression Cooking with Clara

I hope and pray that all those that can are preparing for the growing season. Now is the time, especially … Continue ReadingGreat Depression Cooking with Clara