My Atkins/Keto journey is a lifelong balance between my health and my love for all food.

Hi, I’m Brenda. I began my Atkins journey on this very website in 2010. Over time, my brain needed to compartmentalize, so I moved all of my health content to a separate website. Now, it’s time to integrate my multiple loves back under one “brand”: me. This is all who I am and what I love to write/talk about. Above, under the link to this page, you will find all of my Atkins-specific information (starting weight, before/after/during pictures, and general information about Atkins and Keto). Below, you will find some of the Atkins/Keto friendly posts I have made over the years. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, send me a message.

Chicken Soup and Canned Chicken Broth

I did not grow up eating many root vegetables, so when I found a recipe for chicken soup that included parsnips and turnips I was highly skeptical. After I made it, I was hooked! There can be no chicken soup (or broth) without them! In this video, I am not only making soup but am … Continue ReadingChicken Soup and Canned Chicken Broth

Basic Meatloaf

I don’t typically crave meatloaf often (it’s not a dish my husband enjoys) but for some reason I had to have some this week. Why? I want a leftover, cold meatloaf “sandwich”. I want the mayonnaise and mustard, mostly. So, I am slapping a slice of this onto a leaf of iceberg lettuce and BAM! … Continue ReadingBasic Meatloaf

Chortillas! (Cheese Tortillas)

I adapted this from the Fat Head pizza crust recipe here: Here we have two types of Chortillas: one with mozzarella and yellow corn meal and the second is cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and almond flour. I had a lot of fun making these. The only special equipment you will need is parchment … Continue ReadingChortillas! (Cheese Tortillas)

Dr. Atkins' Cheese Crackers

These were easy to make (really easy) and tasted good! I wouldn’t cut them into 20 pieces, like the recipe says, unless you want crackers the size of Cheez-Its. The crispy edges had a great flavor, so I think if we partially cooked these (until they were set enough to cut), then spread them out … Continue ReadingDr. Atkins' Cheese Crackers

Low Carb Food Storage

Well, since my switch in eating, I’ve been thinking about all of my food storage.  Boy, I have some adjustments to make!  Flour, sugar, jams and jellies (sugar-made), beans, white rice, oats, etc.  So, I went searching for suggestions online.  I found some great links to check out: I don’t usually like “” articles, this … Continue ReadingLow Carb Food Storage

One Week of Whining (and South Beach Ginger Chicken)

Over the course of the last week, I have been such a whiner! I have been desperately searching for ideas about how to reduce my fat intake without having to buy a ton of new food. So, I have begun diligently tracking my foods again on My Fitness Pal. I then remembered bodybuilders typically eat … Continue ReadingOne Week of Whining (and South Beach Ginger Chicken)

"Spam" and Eggs … Help!

Well, it looks like my gallbladder was just one part of my health issue. Since having it removed in October, I started feeling a little better, then slowly went downhill. All my organs look good (especially the surgical area), so last week I had my first audition for a porn movie (Upper Endoscopy). There wasn’t … Continue Reading"Spam" and Eggs … Help!

Oven Roasted Tri-tip

One dark and stormy night (a relief in Central California) we really didn’t want to barbecue in the rain (and we were low on charcoal). So, my husband made a tri tip roast in the oven. If you aren’t accustomed to this cut, here’s the Wiki about it: How we (my husband as I … Continue ReadingOven Roasted Tri-tip

Product Review: Real Good "The Supreme" Pizza

So, I have been seeing these everywhere (and even have a few friends who have tried these and liked them). I had a rebate coupon and, since I had to go to Walmart (broke my neighbor’s coffee pot while trying to clean it), I bought one. This is what I bought: Real Good “The Supreme” … Continue ReadingProduct Review: Real Good "The Supreme" Pizza

Dr. Atkins Interview

While researching, I stumbled onto an interview that Larry King did with Dr. Atkins in 2003 (just before he passed). I spliced, edited, synched the audio and uploaded it to my channel. I may have missed a commercial break or two but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (though I REALLY … Continue ReadingDr. Atkins Interview


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