O.k.  This is the latest round of gifts (actually, one of the gifts was shown in my last post).

This scarf is for my other sister:


Due to the color of the yarn (Navy) it’s kinda hard to see the pattern but here’s a link to it.  I really like how dense the pattern is without being bulky or heavy.


And here are the slippers.  These are for my brother-in-law so I’m not sure if they will fit.  His foot is two sizes larger than mine and two sizes smaller than hubby’s so I just kinda guessed.  After putting these on with socks (on my feet) I think they will be too small).


And here’s the pattern.  I REALLY tried to do the design on top.  After counting and counting and no matter what I did it kept going crooked, I just left that part out and crocheted straight across (I ripped these out 5 times, trying to get that design to be straight).  It’s not the pattern designer’s fault, it’s mine.  I’ve never done anything like that design before so I should try on something bigger (and flat).


By the way, that blog right there is fantastic!  She has some really nice basic crochet (and a little more advanced) video tutorials there.  You should check her out!

O.k.  Now that I’m done with those … hats!  Same pattern I posted before but different colors.  I’ll post those when I’m done.

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