MY Hat and Scarf

I decided it was my turn to get a gift from me … and, of course, I got distracted making gifts for someone else.  🙂

My hat was made with the same basic pattern but it was only one strand of yarn (and it was thin-ish … still can’t just look at yarn that doesn’t have a label and know what it is).  It’s too long but at least it’s not too short!  I also discovered a new to me stitch (puff stitch), so that is around the edge.  I like it … still look like a weeble but my head will be warm!


My scarf, as you can see, is a work in progress but I wanted to share this pattern with you (before I post the pictures of my latest gifts).  I just love it!  It helps that I love the colors in the yarn, too, but I really love the way the pattern looks.  I DO have to pay more attention because a small mistake can mess up the progress of the scarf (hence why this has been torn out three times already).

Here’s a link to the pattern (I’m using the same size hook and I think yarn but it still doesn’t quite feel long enough to me):

I won’t post the pictures/patterns of my latest gifts until they arrive (being sent to Arizona as soon as I’m done) so, maybe a week?  Now to finish up my scarf, make another hat for my adopted son, then take pictures of that one, plus the other three I made.  🙂

Crocheted Hat and 2 Scarves

So, these are my latest.  Since it’s a gift for my sister, and it has already left my house to be given to her, there’s nothing she can say about it!  LOL!  So, I’m posting the pictures with links to the patterns so I can finally close those tabs in my browser.


I know the hat is kinda fuzzy (out of focus) but I used this pattern, which I will pretty much stick with for all the hats I do (just make them longer or whatever).  I used 2 strands of yarn and then added scallops (shells, whatever they are called) to the bottom edge to make a bit more “girly”.I also added a few more rows, so the brim could be folded up.

The scarf is this pattern but I made it more narrow.  I am not good a gauging how much yarn I have and some of these patterns say stuff like, “2 balls of …” How much is a ball?  So, this was a smaller skein of yarn and I didn’t have enough but loved the color.

Then, since I had already made one in the wrong color for my intended recipient, she gets this scarf too (since the other one really isn’t long enough and this one is warmer).  I took this picture to show the how the difference in yarn for the same pattern looks.  I did it a little wider than the pattern called for but you can get the idea (she gets the scarf on the right).  First, the link:

Now the picture:


I’m working on one more scarf, then I get to slog my way through some slippers, then 4 hats to make from the pattern above but these are for adult males and the colors are dark grey, black, green, yellow, and red.  I’ll post those pictures (and patterns) when I’m done.