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I Just Want to Be a Hermit – crochet

Yeah, this week has been better than most.  After almost 6 weeks of being sick, I’m finally getting better but now, all I want to do is make-up for all the housework that I have neglected while sick and curl up into a ball on the couch and crochet.  So, here’s my first crochet project that I consider finished.

Crochet Hat and Scarf
This is a hat and scarf for my niece. I used this pattern for the hat (, put the flowers on (the buttons were my grandmother’s), then put the fringe on the scarf so it would match (the scarf is I think a half single crochet? I just did it and liked it). Next project? This hat for one of my “adopted” sons:

I also have been working on (for a year or so) a patchwork afghan with squares/rectangles, each one a different Tunisian crochet stitch (I wanted to learn each one). So, that’s sitting there waiting for me to finish putting borders around each piece (I have three more to do) then join them. I ultimately want this to cover our king-sized bed, so we’ll see if I have enough yarn! lol If not, I’ll just add on some more colors. Each piece is in the colors of the flowers on the hat (with a moss green thrown in), with the borders in the same yarn as the hat and scarf above. We’ll see how that turns out … now that I figured out my phone/camera a little bit better, I’ll do my best to take some decent pictures.

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