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Soap By The Shotglass

This was originally from a website that no longer exists. Thank you, bmama, for this.


SOAP BY THE SHOT GLASS (Cough Medicine Measuring Cup)
1 teaspoon = 5 ml(cc), 1 fl oz = 30 ml(cc),
1 cup = 240 ml(cc), 1 qt = 1 L (1000cc).
mass of water = grams of oil x 0.038
mass of lye = grams of oil x 0.13
(0.19 for coconut oil)
Lye is approximately 30g per 1 fluid oz.
Oil is approximately 28g per 1 fluid oz.
Fat/Oil Soap => 1 shot oil + 11g water + 5.50g NaOH
Coconut Soap => 1 shot oil + 11g water + 3.75g NaOH
LESS NaOH makes soap more oily and moisturizing.
MORE NaOH makes soap more harsh + grease cutting.
BRIM means use 1 fluid oz plus 2 extra teaspoons
SOAP: (using a 1 fluid oz couh syrup shot cup) =>

1. 4 shots water (to the brim)
+ 2 shots NaOH(lye) (to the 1 oz line)

2. 6 shots coconut oil (to the brim)
+ 6 shots olive oil (to the brim)

NOTE: The olive oil may be substituted with another fat or oil, but the amount of coconut oil MUST remain the same. Coconut oil is unique in soap formulas. It ensures a good bubbly lather.

Simmer and stir with stainless steel fork in a 2 qt stainless steel or glass container for 60 minutes or until “mashed-potatoes” consistency is achieved (no “wetness”).

It doesn’t hurt to ensure reaction is done by stirring with heat for a longer time. When done, wait until it is cool to the touch before continuing with additions.

You can now add colors, oils, herbs.

OR, add 2 shots baking soda + 2 shots borax. These are anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, water softeners, deodorizers, and skin conditioners that will help ensure a good lather, deep cleaning, and little, if any, soap scum.

OR, for an anti-parasite and anti-bio/chemical warfare and anti-bacterial/fungal/yeast/virus soap: to a 1 qt container, add 4 shots baking soda + 4 shots borax and 1 cup bleach and mix well, until milky. Then mix this solution with the soap while still warm. It isn’t good to kill bacteria alone because it allows fungii and other competitors to overgrow. This is a very deep-cleaning, yet mild, formula.

WARNING: only use finger-tip-fulls for the whole body – add to an existing pure-soap lather if it is harsh at first (the body adapts to oxication). This will result in an extra-clean feeling lather. NOT FOR HAIR!!! It will make hair feel very “fine”.

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