Don’s Pesticide

I have to share this with everyone!  I was told about this a while ago, forgot, and was just reminded.  So, I made this up last night, sprayed, and my prayers have been answered!  Those cabbage loopers that have wreaked havoc all over every bit of food I have been growing are DEAD!  There was no new damage this morning (after me going out every night with a flash light and take care of the little buggers but always missing some) AND I found a number of them dead!  I am SO HAPPY!  Thank you, Don!

Hi Brenda,

I don’t know if I have told you this before so here goes.  I make up a tincture of capsicum.  It is made by putting a large can of Cayenne Pepper into a pint of Vodka.  Sit in the sun for two weeks, shaking twice a day.

Strain.  Make sure you label it because it is liquid fire.  Now for chewing and sucking insects, I put several cloves of garlic and a coarsely chopped onion in a blender with water.  I puree and then strain out the large pieces.  Add an ounce or more of the tincture of capsicum (from above) and add some liquid soap.  The liquid soap helps the proper ingredients to stay on the leaves when the water dries.  Put into a spray bottle.  Since this is a water based insect repellent, it will have to be sprayed on after each rain or sprinkling.

I have used this on many plants and it can also be used to stop chewing animals.

Give it a try.  To do things simply, you could probably put a large quantity of cayenne into water and let it simmer for a while and use it in place of the tincture.
B*B, Don