Vegetable Planting and Seed Saving

I found two articles amongst the files on my website. They were originally attributed to but I found the websites they originally came from. This shows how important proper credit is regarding information obtained from the Internet. Just because it is on one site DOES NOT mean they did not cut and paste it from another.

The first is Basic Seed Saving ( There is so much information there!

Then there’s this article on seed saving for specific plants:


3 thoughts on “Vegetable Planting and Seed Saving

    • It’s great to meet you too! So, have you been saving seed for as long as you can remember also? No matter what kind of fruit or vegetable I eat, I’m constantly thinking, “I wonder how to germinate these seeds?” 🙂 I’ll be trying mango and peach this year (my neighbor has the best peaches and he has no idea what kind they are).


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