Sourdough Starter and Bread

This all began when I read an article (which I can’t find any longer … I wish I could because … Continue ReadingSourdough Starter and Bread

Chortillas! (Cheese Tortillas)

I adapted this from the Fat Head pizza crust recipe here: Here we have two types of Chortillas: one … Continue ReadingChortillas! (Cheese Tortillas)

Sprouted Grain Bread

Since the sprouted grain flour is more like whole wheat flour (make sure you watch that video here: Sprouted Grain … Continue ReadingSprouted Grain Bread

Sprouted Grain Flour!

So, I randomly decided to try my hand at sprouted grain flour. I went to the bulk bins at Winco … Continue ReadingSprouted Grain Flour!

Diet Revolution Rolls

Diet Revolution Rolls (aka Oopsie rolls or Cloud Bread)There are tons of variations of this recipe out there (and I … Continue ReadingDiet Revolution Rolls

Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Nut Loaf Bread

I know this is a bit late (should have posted this around Thanksgiving when all the canned pumpkin was on … Continue ReadingOld-Fashioned Pumpkin Nut Loaf Bread

Bread and Cheese “Meatballs”

Wow!  Meatballs without the meat and these actually sound (and look) good! Ingredients: Sauce:3 Tablespoons Olive Oil1 Small Onion, … Continue ReadingBread and Cheese “Meatballs”

Navajo Fry Bread Sticks

From the Phoenix Sun newspaper when I was living there in 1991: Navajo Fry Bread Sticks 4 cups flour 2 … Continue ReadingNavajo Fry Bread Sticks

Ma’s Banana Nut Bread

Ma’s Banana Nut Bread My son requested this today. It’s the recipe my mom has been using forever. It’s from … Continue ReadingMa’s Banana Nut Bread

Bread Frenzy

Well, it all started when one person (Tracy) posted some links. That’s all it took. Now, I am on a … Continue ReadingBread Frenzy