Windows 10-Update

UPDATE: Here’s an article on how to uninstall those Windows 10 apps, even the ones you cannot right-click to uninstall:


For the first time in I don’t know how long, every computer in the house is current!  We are all Windows 10 users!  I wanted to share this with everyone here, in case you do decide to take the plunge.

  1. There is a rumor going around that Microsoft will begin charging a monthly fee.  I’ve looked and the only monthly fee I have seen is regarding the professional versions of Office.  If I’m wrong, let me know before my 30 days are up and I can switch back to Windows 8.1.
  2. As I just mentioned, once you upgrade, you have 30 days to roll back your computer to your previous version of Windows (as long as it was Windows 7 and newer).
  3. Microsoft is spying on you.  Yes, they are.  I’m thankful they got rid of the “swipe on the right of the screen” feature they had in Windows 8 but I really hate apps.  I’m old.  I like a computer to be a computer, not a tablet, pad, smart phone, or anything else.  I just want to sit down with my mouse, keyboard, and MAYBE one of those nifty doodle pads but I’m still “Woah, wait, what the heck did I just do?” with my lap top touch pad.  So, those apps are running all the time, unless you disable/delete them.  Here’s an article on what you need to do:
  4. In that same vein, I really do not like the “Start Menu” … didn’t like it on Windows 8 and still don’t like it on Windows 10.  So, this is the program I have been using since venturing away from Windows 7:  Here’s what my Start Menu looks like:


The only issue any computer had was mine and it was no driver for my ethernet card.  For some reason, Windows 10 did not want to install one for my Intel card.  Thankfully, we have more than one computer so after fighting all the settings and getting really angry (yeah, I threw the phone and was really rude to my son … sorry, again), we downloaded a driver on hubby’s computer and installed it.  BAM!  I was online.  The other computers (which are both older than mine) had no problems what so ever!  I have also decided on one aspect of my life but that will be another post (I have a “job” 🙂 ).  Happy August!

Quick Update – Coursework

If you are interested in speaking in any way, I highly recommend taking this Coursera course.  I am just about to finish the first module.  Once I finish the course, I will post an update and hopefully you will be able to see the improvement in my speaking abilities (as in giving a good speech … not just rambling).  As of right now, the videos are unpublished but I will include links with my overview of the course.

I have yet to share my good news!  I have a brand new computer (tower) that we did not have to build (for those of you who work on cars, it’s been like that for YEARS.  Constantly having to “look under the hood” and replace things.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about anything breaking any time soon)!  We went to Fry’s Electronics and it was actually cheaper to just pull one off the shelf.  I then traded my old tower for a laptop AND last week my son gave me his old phone.  So, I not only have video/photo capabilities now BUT a better computer to process them on!