Camellia Brand Red Kidney Beans Dry Beans, 25 Pound Bag


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Do you think like I did, “All beans are the same?” Well, I am here to tell you they aren’t! If you like adding beans to your chili or long to make New Orleans-style Red Beans and Rice, this brand is the only brand to buy! I initially bought a small bag to try. I’m telling you, these are fantastic! I had no (yes, none) rocks in the bag and I didn’t have to soak these beans for three days! As a matter of fact, they suggest NOT soaking prior to cooking! The beauty of this is these beans will last even longer in your long-term storage! Just separate them by weight into vacuum-sealed containers (either jars or bags) and you are good for years!

In addition to being a wonderful product, you are not just buying from Amazon; you are buying from a company in Louisiana! Their Amazon Store is TNGstore and they sell more than just these beans.


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