Quick Update – Coursework

If you are interested in speaking in any way, I highly recommend taking this Coursera course.  I am just about to finish the first module.  Once I finish the course, I will post an update and hopefully you will be able to see the improvement in my speaking abilities (as in giving a good speech … not just rambling).  As of right now, the videos are unpublished but I will include links with my overview of the course.

I have yet to share my good news!  I have a brand new computer (tower) that we did not have to build (for those of you who work on cars, it’s been like that for YEARS.  Constantly having to “look under the hood” and replace things.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about anything breaking any time soon)!  We went to Fry’s Electronics and it was actually cheaper to just pull one off the shelf.  I then traded my old tower for a laptop AND last week my son gave me his old phone.  So, I not only have video/photo capabilities now BUT a better computer to process them on!

Public Speaking – Coursera

Since I know I want to make You Tube videos and/or podcasts (still don’t know what the subject will be) I decided to take this free course through Coursera:


It’s a self-paced course that does not offer Verified Certificates but it’s a start.  See, there is a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.  When I’m typing, it’s almost like channeling an intelligent entity.  When I speak, I stumble and resort to wording that typically is not meant for the general public. 🙂

I’m REALLY hoping to be able to purchase a video camera soon, so hopefully by the end of the class, I will be able to post an awesome video with no “uh”, “um”, or (my latest term for a person’s name who I really don’t want to work to remember) “whatshisnuts”.

Speaking of Coursera, I am kicking myself in the back side for not taking advantage of more of the courses when they first started.  Then, they were all free and most offered certificates of completion.  Now, I have noticed, you must pay for most of the courses that offer certificates (if you want that certificate, which would be nice to have).  See, my formal education is pretty sparse.  The only proof I have that I know certain topics is my word (or to show examples).  Those pieces of paper would help immensely if my word/examples are not good enough for a potential employer.  I’ll figure something out but in the mean time, I will be loving every second of every free (appropriate … can get easily distracted on the website) course I can get my grubby little paws on!