Time for cabbage?

My Atkins Keto Journey

Once I grew up, I have loved cabbage (imagine a child who ate something really sour … that was the face I made when I was little at the thought of eating cabbage).  When I first began investigating low carbohydrate eating, I was disappointed that cabbage had more carbs than lettuce.  I limited my intake much more than I needed to and now, I NEED cabbage (and at 4 grams per cup of shredded, I think I can work that into my macros)!  That is for your standard green cabbage. Red cabbage has slightly more carbs (1 gram for a cup of shredded) but tastes much sweeter to me (the one form of cabbage that I miss and cannot think of eating without sugar is Rot Kraut). Maybe it’s the change in seasons.  Maybe it’s the fact that every time I turned around my son was eating MY sauerkraut! …

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