Neti Pot

So, yesterday, I bit the bullet (or should I say sucked it up). We bought a Neti pot. I’d been thinking about it for quite a while but this round of seasonal allergies is the worst I’ve ever experienced. You would swear I have a cold if it didn’t only get worse when I go outside. I just finished doing it for the second time. It feels strange, kinda makes my eyes feel like they are bulging out (hard to tell … they are feeling that way and watering like leaky faucets anyway) but I had relief for a few hours yesterday from my itchy watery eyes, stuffed and running nose (yeah, both at the same time), and sore throat due to drainage. For anyone who is like me and doesn’t like taking drugs for stuff like this, you should give it a shot. Oh, and the one we bought was $8 at Walgreens.