Third (and Final) Amazon Store

Alright!  I have now setup my third (and hopefully final) Amazon store.  This one is woefully lacking in items listed.  This is my oldest blog and I have used so many various resources throughout the years to get to where I am today that I’ll be surprised if I remember them all.  I will continually add to the list as I remember (and scour my brain, computer, and bookshelves to jog my memory).

As of this moment, it has a list of all the store-bought gluten free items we have tried (and liked).  I have a list going of what we liked, what we hated, and the ingredients of each item.  My goal is to take all that information and figure out the right mix of gluten-free flours that we will like.  Right now, it seems as if there will be two (can’t remember if I’ve already typed that or not in my last post): one for quick breads/pancakes/muffins, etc. and another for bread like foods (you know, white bread).  I discovered that with each product link, I can add my own notes (so, of course, I did with all the products so far).

The other things I have listed are all the knitting and crochet books I have.  Those I also know are not complete lists but I’m pretty sure I’m only missing a few.  I have cookbooks listed and yes, that is not a complete list.  I will also include a list of books on gardening/homestead but my brain’s a bit fried right now so that list is empty.

The link to the store is to the right and along the top of the page (I figured doing a store like this would be easier than a links page, where we know web sites tend to disappear over time).

Also, here’s the link: My Amazon Store.  I won’t be posting an update every time I post something new to the store.  Just know that it’s there: a constant reference list of all the things I have enjoyed and learned from over the years.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!



I have an Amazon store!

One part of my discovering who I am (and want to be) is a goal of becoming a bit more organized.  Since most of the resources I list (mostly on my other blogs) include links to the product (and we all know how long many links can survive over time), I decided to list as much as I can in an Amazon store.   Everything I have ever mentioned here (or neglected to mention) that has helped me throughout this journey I’ve officially been on for 6 months.  The link for the store is in the top menu, and the side menu.  I know I have forgotten to add many of the books I have read over the years, so I will be updating the store as I remember.

Thank you.  OH!  I’ve also listed some of my favorite time wasters (stress relievers) over the past few years (I can’t wait for Doom 4 next year 🙂 ).