When I first began this journey, the first foods to be eliminated (before sugar) were all seafood. My allergy was so severe that I didn’t even try seaweed just in case (I’m not sure if I mentioned but I could not even be near aquariums). So, that eliminated a lot of food establishments. If it was a small diner, they usually used to the same frying oil for french fries as they did for fish filets. Most of the Southeast Asian restaurants use fish sauce. Many barbecue restaurants use Worcestershire sauce (which has anchovies) and I couldn’t even think about Caesar dressing (again, anchovies).
Well, yesterday was my final test. I had mussels … with no reaction. As of today, I have eaten fresh water (tilapia) and salt water (tuna steak) fish, crustacean (shrimp) and shellfish (mussels) with no need to use my epi-pen. I am truly free. AND that has been my dilemma. Friday, hubby and I were on our way to do our bi-monthly shopping and he asked me what I wanted for dinner (figured we wouldn’t have time to cook once we got home) but he added, “since you can eat anywhere you want.” That’s when it hit me. I can eat wherever, whatever I want. 4 1/2 years of extreme limitation that had nothing to do with carbohydrates and now I have total freedom!
So, I’ve been living a bit loosely this week. My average carbohydrate intake has been around 75 grams per day (with normal blood sugar readings) because I can eat wherever I want AND whatever I want! LOL! I even ate Popey’s chicken today (they fry their seafood in the same oil as everything else). I know this is temporary. I will get back on track (I’ve put on 4 pounds this week) but I wanted to disclose that I am human, too. I have made decisions that have thrown my body for a loop (and 1 mistake … crepes at IHop).
Everything we put in our mouth (or don’t) is a decision we make. Every exercise we do (or don’t do) is a decision we make. We have the power (an image of He-Man just popped into my head) to do whatever we choose, beneficial or not. Despite the shakes I got in the beginning when I “couldn’t” eat those Cheez-Itz that I could smell from a mile away, I was not (and am still not) addicted to carbs. It was all a habit. The same with smoking. I am a smoker (have been for going on 27 years). I have quit a few times. It was the habit of smoking that was the hardest to give up. I smoked like some people drink alcohol (or do drugs). I smoked to escape. It was my “quiet time”, smoking outside away from the kids (or when stressed, it calmed me). It was what meditation can be.
And it’s the same with whatever food we think we can’t live without. If I didn’t have type 2 diabetes, I would be in big trouble. Sweets have always been a big issue with me (natural, as in fruit or man-made). If they were in the house, I kept eating them until they were gone (there is no “just have one” for me). This is why, now, I am thankful for my diagnosis. If this hadn’t happened, who knows how bad my health would have gotten. As of this morning, I am at 166.6 pounds and my morning blood glucose reading was 76. Tonight’s dinner will be grilled shrimp skewers (salt, pepper, butter, and garlic) and MAYBE even a salad. 🙂

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