Well, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks basically scooting around on my bum, pulling up linoleum and scraping paint. I stretch every day but my left leg, by the end of the day, was still numb. So, I broke down and bought a proper exercise pad, an expensive piece of ABS pipe (foam roller) and torture balls (I mean, la crosse balls) so I can actually do all the stretching for DeFranco’s Limber 11:

Let me tell you! Imagine someone VERY strong jabbing their bony elbow into your bum muscles, and that’s what the move with the la crosse ball feels like. So, though my stretching may have been helping something, it was doing nothing for my pinched sciatic nerve. I was in tears when I finished but I’m tired of walking around with a floppy leg by the end of the day.
I’ve update my stats. As of Wednesday (because the loss has stuck that long), I have officially lost 45 pounds since August of last year. I now weigh 166 pounds (started at 211). So, if I was your normal average joe, I could be only 16 pounds from my goal weight. The problem with that is, I don’t have a goal weight. I know how I want to look and feel. I can’t put a number on that. I don’t even have a goal clothing size or measurements. I want to be a softer version of “The Rock” with breasts AND be able to go turn soil by hand all day long. I also want to be able to have my glass of mead a couple of times a year without it messing up my blood sugars.
So, here is my before and afters of my dining room (my exercise for the past two weeks). Before I go, I will do my best to get some more recipes scheduled. I have so many set aside that I don’t want to bombard you by posting them all in a few days.
Dining Room Before

Ripped up the linoleum to reveal these lovely linoleum tiles.
Ripped up the linoleum to reveal these lovely linoleum tiles.

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  1. NoSanchez says:

    Yes foam rollers do wonders. I’m glad it hepled with your pain. And your floors look great.


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