So, I was all prepared to post a wonderful sugar-free recipe for mint chocolate chip ice cream. I even had my phone charged and ready to take that close up. Then, I tasted it. I didn’t have mint extract, so I used peppermint eo (essential oil). Although I did not use the same amount, I’m not sure if it is the EO or I put too much but OMG! It is bitter! The first taste isn’t, but the second spoonful produces this strong bitter taste on the back of my tongue. I was (and still am) so disappointed! I’m REALLY hoping I just put too much, so I’ll be making some vanilla today and we’ll mix the two up and see what happens. PLEASE let it be the amount! I want to post the recipe so bad!
I’ve updated my stats. So, I’ve come to the conclusion (just because I can) that I only lose weight when NOT doing my weight training! lol I haven’t trained all week (at least I don’t think I have … no. My last training session was Thursday, I believe). AND I’m down 3 pounds and 3 1/2 inches all over. I don’t think it’s stress (or release of stress) since I’ve been eating my normal average. Perhaps it’s the change in eating. I’m not sure. The only physical anything I’ve done all week is stretching (a lot … still having issues with my lower legs and shoulder) and I’ve been out of the house three out of 5 days (highly abnormal for this hermit).
Last week I made a conscious effort to get in the proper amount of protein/fats instead of just looking at my percentages. I had noticed one day last week that, although my fat/protein/carb percentages are always between the appropriate ranges, the total grams of protein were low for the weight training I was doing (not to mention my total calories … difficult to get in 1200 calories most days). So, I upped everything and you can see the results. Maybe I’m not doing enough training for the amounts I calculated … I’m not sure. I’ll have to go double check. I do know that I was getting to the point of wanting to add weights AND, now that I’m in “looking back” mode, I wasn’t nearly as out of breath as before. I was scared of hurting myself, I think. Time to go back to reading “Becoming a Supple Leopard” (my attention deficit left that book at page 52).
I’m also testing out a new-to-me program: Calorie King. I’m not sure. While the selection of foods is much cleaner than what is on My Fitness Pal (looks like the actual amounts, not what some idiot just threw in there), it’s limiting and almost tiring when I look at how much food I’m going to have to input. I have also decided I’m no longer going to count the carbs in pourable Splenda. It’s just not worth my brain freaking out when I come close to my threshold of carb intake and the idea of giving up any form of sweetness makes me irritable. The liquid versions are not an option … much cheaper to go down to Costco and buy the big bag than search online for a liquid equivalent that will end up costing more … looks like I might be wrong. I just did a search and you can buy the straight-up pure sucralose powder and mix up your own liquid sweetener. Hmmmmm … (can you hear my brain working?). I’m eyeballing this one:
It looks like the percentage for mixing sucralose powder is 25% powder to 100 % liquid (that was the unscientific version I found … basically, water can only absorb 25% of sucralose powder, so put some powder in a container, and add enough water so it is no longer cloudy). Here’s what I found that requires math skills (this was posted on Springpad but since that site is closing down, I’m going to copy the entire thing:

Sucralose Dilution by foggybeach
I received my 2oz ‘Quick Sweet’ Sucralose powder in the mail today (ordered on 2nd, received on 7th 😉 It appears exactly the same as the 22oz Sucralose powder I ordered from Best Body Products (makers of FiberFit) in 2003…a white fluffy powder.
Should one wish to make up this 2oz amount into a ‘Sweetzfree’ equivalent, just mix the contents with 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon water. (for cyberus 😉
PS: I make up 1 cup at a time and refrigerate…no problems or mold in the 6 years I’ve been doing this…
Liquid Sucralose = 5 Tablespoons Sucralose Powder mixed in 1 cup water (1/4t = 1c Sugar)
(you may make up smaller amounts using 3 1/8 teaspoons water per each teaspoon Sucralose powder)
Given that Sucralose powder is 600 times sugar:
1t. Sucralose powder = 12.5 cups sugar (600/48)
1/2t. Sucralose powder = 6 1/4 cups sugar (12.5/2)
1/4t. Sucralose powder = 3 1/8 cups sugar (6.25/2)
1/8t. Sucralose powder = ~1 1/2 cups sugar (3.125/2)
1/16t. Sucralose powder = ~3/4 cup sugar (1.56/2)
1/32t. Sucralose powder = ~1/3 cup sugar (0.78/2)
Given that Liquid Sucralose is 200 times sugar:
1t. liquid Sucralose = 4 cups sugar (200/48)
1/2t. liquid Sucralose = 2 cups sugar (4/2)
1/4t. liquid Sucralose = 1 cup sugar (2/2)
1/8t. liquid Sucralose = ½ cup sugar (1/2)
1/16t. liquid Sucralose = ¼ cup sugar (1/2 / 2)
1/32t. liquid Sucralose = 1/8 cup sugar (1/4 /2)
To prepare 1 cup liquid Sucralose from Sucralose powder:
1c water = 8floz = 16T = 48t = 192 1/4t requires 9216t (192*48) sugar equivalents to = a strength of 200 times sugar (1/4t = 1c sugar).
AZJeanne measured 1oz Sucralose powder to be approximately 4T (or 12t) powder (I confirmed ;-). Therefore 12*600 is the equivalent of 7,200t sugar per oz of product. I have seen no official specification of serving size per ounce of Sucralose powder to date ;-(
Thus it will take [(a ratio here 😉 1oz is to 7200t as X is to 9216t. Cross multiplication gives 7200X = 9216, X= 9216/7200 or] 1.28 oz Sucralose powder per cup of water to achieve a strength of 200 times sugar…the 1/2oz Sucralose powder to 1 cup of water I’ve been using (per my previous post) is not correct but has kept me satisfied for 6 years LOL!
Sweetzfree is also a very strong concentration (~25g Sucralose per 100ml water).

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