There isn’t much to say this week. I’m tired and will go back to bed after I post this. My stats are posted … not much has changed except an increase of 1/2 inch for my upper belly roll and I’m 3 pounds heavier than last week (which hopefully will go down after I get up later). I forgot until I stepped on the scale (and flipped it the bird) twice that how much my weight fluctuated when I was consistently (wow … huge flock of geese just flew over my house … the best sound EVER) training, which I have been.
AND my weight training has been going great! I have managed to not hurt myself (thanks to switching to cable exercises and the roughly 40 minutes of stretching I’m doing every day) and am thinking I actually might be able to begin adding weight again (I’ve been sticking with one weight until I built myself back up). And yesterday’s training was great! I felt so good after the weights that I did dance moves that no living human should ever see for almost half an hour afterward (the music helped … SOAD, Aerosmith, Godsmack, Metallica, Korn … fantastic!).
Mentally, I’m in wind-down mode. One situation that my husband and I had been dealing with has somewhat been resolved but … life! It would be so lovely if all we had to worry about was what goes on within the four walls of our own house without outside influences shoving their bitchy selves in. I better stop before I say what I’m really thinking and those words become part of some NSA database for eternity (instead of just in my head).
I have some recipes set aside to share. I hope to get those up and scheduled to share sometime today. Just to warn everyone: I’m on a mission to create low carb ice cream … I just need an ice cream maker (hopefully I can go thrift store shopping next week to see if I can find one). My favorite one I used to have was the one where you put the base in the freezer (no ice or salt needed). We’ll see what I can find. And this leads me to food.
I’ve been ravenous all week but, at the same time, find it difficult to eat enough. It feels like I’m eating all the time, then I input everything into My Fitness Pal and I’m lucky to be eating 1000 calories most days. It doesn’t help that the temperatures have increased (supposed to be 100+ degrees F this weekend).
O.k. I’m off! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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