In life, it’s good to not get too comfortable.

This is from a fortune cookie my mom left here the other day. It’s amazing how appropriate this is.
Stress. How do you handle stress? I’m not talking about rush-hour traffic or job deadline stress but life changing stress? I share a lot about myself without really saying anything at all. You know most of the basic, insignificant things I like to do, maybe can guess what music I like, whether I like to actually cook or not, etc. But what I have never shared publicly is anything truly personal. I will, but won’t, right now.
I have not had the most stress-free life. Many bad choices have lead to many bad circumstances (and some that weren’t even within my control). Right now, as I sit here typing this, I’m going through what might be the second most stressful time in my life. A friend on Facebook mentioned her coping mechanism for the stresses in her life now is to eat nothing but garbage. It got me thinking and I’ve coped with stress in the past by following my friend’s lead or doing the opposite: not eating anything. Of course, both routes lead to weight gains.
This time around, I have made a point of keeping religious track of the foods that pass my lips and the amazing thing is, despite being well within my macros, I have now officially lost 40 pounds! I weighed in yesterday (I didn’t weigh myself after 2 hours sleep last night) at 171. So, what is different this time than any other time in my life? I think it’s the fact that it’s not only about weight this time. It’s about my health and my ability to deal with this stress, for as long as it takes to get resolved. Don’t get me wrong. If there were a dozen glazed donuts sitting here in front of me, I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t be wallowing in my sorrows and eating every crumb. I’m just lucky (blessed) that I do not keep any of those types of foods in the house.

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