Well, I’ve been very “inside my own head” lately. My stats are posted and I’m down 2 pounds, a couple of inches overall and I finally slept well enough to take a real morning blood sugar: 67! The past few weeks we have been in computer mode (hubby and myself) and that will continue today. I hadn’t realized his computer had not been automatically updating, so that’s where I’m headed right now (figured out how to reset it and now I have to continue installing all the updates he’s missed). I’m just thankful the update system for Windows 7 isn’t nearly as bad as it was for XP. No multiple restarts while applying various updates.
As for my health: I’ve been fantastic despite the weather officially thinking it’s spring/summer. What is surprising is the fruit trees that were pretty pathetic last year are in full bloom and fruiting like crazy! I say surprising because I’m in Central California and we’re in the middle of a pretty bad drought. It’s so bad that I’ve decided it’s better to grow whatever I can in pots this year. My cardio a month or so ago was leveling out the back yard (I’m sure I whined about the small hill the last occupant of this house built that turned out to be a trash heap covered with dirt). Well, once we get the weeds mowed down (none of which are edible/medicinal) I’ll make a video (or take pictures if my awful phone camera cooperates) to show the before/after.
Food-wise, I think we’ve finally adjusted to being childless, so there will be less eating out. I swear, it’s like we were dating all over again as soon as my son moved out! We didn’t want to cook, we just wanted to sit together and enjoy the peace and quiet. Now, we have actual food that I need to cook. LOL! So, hopefully that means that I’ll truly get back on track now!
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We will be busy killing demons (the other aspect of being in computer mode is playing Diablo 3). 🙂

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