Well, what a shocker. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I just knew it was lying. I weighed myself 4 times in two different places in the room and it registered the same number. Yesterday morning, I was 178.0. This morning? 173.8! I’ve never had such a significant drop in weight … ever. I’m thinking it’s a combination of things: I was getting my woman cave ready (moving stuff out, throwing stuff away, cleaning) for 6 hours yesterday. I also passed a good amount of kidney stones last week (so I’m thinking that maybe my kidneys are finally working the way they are supposed to … I’ve had slight issues with them all my life but not enough to see a doctor about). I’ve been incorporating a few more veggies and non-dairy carbs into my diet this week AND I slept a whopping 12 hours last night (with the bedroom door open and NO ONE ELSE in the house but me and hubby!). Boy, that was glorious! Hubby thinks it’s lack of stress because the boy is out of the house finally. LOL!
I had a non-scale victory last night. While going through all that stuff piled in the other bedroom, I stumbled onto some pants my sister gave me a while ago. You know, the kind of pants that hold up and immediately know there’s no way they will fit? I had forgotten about them. Since I found a vest that I had stored until it would fit better and had success with that (it was a little too tight (pulling on the buttons) so I put it up and forgot about it. I tried that on and now it’s WAY too big (size 18)), I thought, “What the heck”. Well, they all fit except one. They were all a size 12 pants! And not stretchy material pants, either. Real denim and cotton! So, the one that didn’t fit? It was a size 14 and it was way too big! Can you believe it? I haven’t been a size 12 since the sixth grade!
So, my goals this week are to include even more dark green veggies and non-dairy carbs into my meals plus get back to exercising. I’m also incorporating more stretching into my daily routine (even when I was really hurting, it helped a lot). I’m going to end up making a playlist on You Tube of the stretches I’m doing that have helped (will update My Physical Training page when that is ready). In the mean time, I updated My Stats page with today’s stats (no changes except weight and blood sugar, which was 66) and made it cleaner (easier to read and follow).

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