One more week and I can go play in the garage again! Until then, I’m watching videos and dreaming … I mean learning.

I made a playlist on You Tube for Wood Carving (Power and a few manual).

AND I have to thank Tim Vande Sluis of Since I’m such a total noob, I sent him a total noob question and he sent me a wonderful, detailed reply that I must share for anyone who is thinking about getting into power wood carving. Like I said, I have a Dremel and a Craftsman rotary tools. I know virtually nothing about them except go to the tool section, look for Dremel, buy a bit. I didn’t even realize there were different shaft sizes.

So, without further ado, here is Mr. Vande Sluis’ response to my question about bits/burrs:

The Dremel

There are many people who contact me with questions regarding using a Dremel for doing power relief carving. It can be done, but the burr selection is a little bit different from what you see me use.

The shaft size for the burrs used in the Dremel is 3/32″ to 1/8″. This all depends on the version of Dremel that you have, and the mechanism that it uses to secure the burrs with.

Dremel offers some burrs that would work for relief power carving, and it looks like you have them listed on your post. You have also realized that you will be needing other burrs to really be able to enjoy power relief carving.

Understanding Burrs

I wrote an article explaining the general principles of burrs and burr selection. If you have not read that article yet, here it is:

For use with the Dremel you will be looking for the same shapes of burrs that you see me use in my Power Relief 101 – Daisy carving video series, but with an emphasis on 3/32″ shafted burrs.

I like to purchase all of my 1/8″, 3/32″, and 1/4″ burrs from Woodcarvers Supply.

You will find a very large selection of burrs in diamond, carbide (with stump cutters), and ruby compounds with the 1/8″ shaft. There website is a little bit difficult to navigate, but they have what you are looking for. (Make sure the rpm rating of the burr matches the maximum rpm rating of the Dremel.)

Here is an article I wrote specifically about the Dremel:

Dremel Burrs

Here is the a link to Dremels burr selection.

Look at the “High Speed Cutters”, “Engraving Cutters”, and “Diamond Wheel Points”. There are a few more burrs that Dremel offers that can be used for power relief carving in these categories.

**The size of the burr itself determines how large or small a design and detail that you can carve.**

If the design you are wanting to carve is relatively small, like the carvings you see me do, you will want to purchase the smallest sizes of heads on the burrs you can. I see that your intentions are to one day carve similar designs to those on the gun stocks in your post. These are smaller designs, so smaller burrs.

If you find yourself wanting to carve larger designs and panels you will want to select a larger burr for the initial rough out and detailing stages. This helps you complete your carvings quicker and with less hassle. You will still use the smaller burrs for the finishing details and small areas of the carving.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. I am happy to answer them. Keep up the great work, and having fun with power relief carving. Remember that this is a journey and not a race. Enjoy Yourself!



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