O.k. Well, I guess I’ll be posting my training daily. Just so you know, I have been doing weights 3 days per week and (when I feel like it) cardio twice a week. Most of the time, this is Monday through Friday and I don’t do a dang thing on the weekends (this way you know when to expect these posts). They will be short and sweet with little embellishment. As I’ve stated numerous times, I log all my workouts into Fitocracy. I’ll do that first, then cut and paste into a post here.
That is what I have done already. All my training sessions since I signed up for Fitocracy on September 6, 2013 have been posted here (on the corresponding dates). Would you like to take a look at all of them? Well, you are in luck! I figured out some code and now there is a running list of all my training sessions at the bottom of my physical training page (I think the limit of the list is 100 so, when I surpass that, the posts are tagged “Training”). Guess what? It doesn’t look like I’ve been as much of a lazy ass as I occasionally tell myself! LOL!
Oh, and can you please send “good health” thoughts my way? Hubby’s coming down with something and I REALLY don’t need to get it (kinda hard to stay away from him).

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