Well, now that we are over a week into the new year, I figured it was time for me to take a look back at my progress since August of 2013. As much whining as I have done, to see the numbers in black and white is uplifting, especially on a day when I have to rest (very sore muscles and a cough coming on … I sure hope it’s just allergies). I’ve recently reconnected with some Atkins friends who I met back in 2010, at the birth of my blog. It’s so lovely seeing how everyone else is doing and to know that these struggles are not uniquely mine. I want to thank anyone who reads my entries. The Lord knows I’m not expert on anything so I appreciate you reading of my struggles and stumbles all these years.
One change I have implemented over the past week is focusing more on net carbs instead of total carbs. I think my body is finally able to properly deal with them (since, for dinner last night we made chicken fajitas and I ate 2 of the Sol Del Oro tortillas and my morning blood sugar was 83 (and I have had no intestinal discomfort).
So, here are the totals (and this is one reason why I have been so thankful I have been so determined to keep records all this time):
Weight: Down 27.2 pounds (based on my weigh in of 211 at the end of July 2013 at the doctor’s office)
Chest: Down 2 inches
Waist: Down 3 inches
Hips: Down 3 inches
Upper Arm: Down 2.5 inches
Thigh: Down 4.5 inches
Upper Belly Roll: Down 7 inches
Total Inches lost: 22
Morning Blood Sugar: Down 90!
I’m truly amazed (and thankful) with the difference I feel both mentally and physically. It shows what a slippery slope it is for me to NOT keep track of everything. Without some sort of accountability, I will cheat like a kid who hid their Halloween candy from their parents.
For you Atkins friends who may be reading this, the changes since 2010 are astounding!
Weight: Down 36.2
Chest: Down 7
Waist: Down 11
Hips: Down 9.5
Upper Arm: Down 3.5
Thigh: Down 7.5
Total Inches Lost: 38.5
Morning Blood Sugar: Down 322 (I was 405 on my first day)

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