This week has been good but kinda “meh”. Hubby worked Monday and was off the rest of the week, so I let exercise slide a bit. I didn’t have set “cardio” days (usually Tuesday and Thursday). The weather here … I usually don’t talk about it this time of year because everyone else is freezing (I’m in Central California) so on my weight days, I’ve been heading out into the yard and digging. See, the person who lived in this house before us “redesigned” the back yard. During the redesign process, he built up a mound of dirt. I always wondered if he did that to add a landscape feature until we began tearing it down (I want to grow food out there and it’s kinda hard to do on a hill). That’s when we discovered he built the mound of dirt as his mini-landfill. Every piece of garbage he found around the property he buried there, including the concrete slab he broke up. To say we were angry is an understatement. We dug down about 4 feet below grade and still were finding crap. So, we decided we were going to level that out and build a raised bed on that spot. That’s about the time I found out my blood sugars were out of what (got sick) and began my Keto journey. I refuse to let another year go by without growing any food, so my cardio this week has been flinging shovels of dirt across the yard and moving (even more) chunks of concrete. As of this moment (since I’m still angry and we don’t have a truck) those chunks of concrete are bordering the fence line. I want to say they look like pavers but in reality they look like chunks of concrete someone threw there. At this point, I don’t care but I will get this done! If I have to completely forgo my meringue dancing, I will if that means we can grow food this year. I have some heirloom Cherokee tomato seeds that have been calling to me for a year!
Other than that, my blood sugars have been fantastic! I posted yesterday about those low carb tortillas. I only had that one and threatened my sons life if he touches them (grin). I also made that first batch of tortillas I made into chips and he helped me finish those off, so either today (probably not) or tomorrow I’ll start work on figuring out how to make a corn tortilla that has less carbs than standard ones and does not have eggs in it. I’ve always hated the idea of the many tortilla/wrap recipes I have seen because they are little more than stiff crepes and, as I said yesterday, I am a tortilla snob. If I want an omelet, I’ll make an omelet. If I want a tortilla and can’t have one, then I will do without.
I’ve posted my stats and there aren’t any dramatic changes but there are enough changes to make me happy. My weight training is going well (as long as the neighbors aren’t burning something toxic in their fireplace). I’ve been able to add more weights to some of the exercises and even been able to do some shoulder work (tendonitis). I have also noticed that my allergies are less severe. When this all began (2010) I had to stop using everything that had any kind of scent, most body care products that had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce (I tried some face cream by Clinique and immediately got welt on my face) and had to wear a mask in public due to the extreme amounts of perfume women feel the need to drown themselves in. Well, the other day, I didn’t even smell/react to a perfume cloud we walked through in the store! I really hope this means I’ve turned a corner.
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and you know you’ll hear from me soon! lol

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  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    That’s a drag! Contractors ought to haul away their debris instead of burying it. Have you thought of a raised garden?
    Good news on on health related items, though, so that’s outstanding.

    1. thesustainablehome says:

      That’s pretty much what we’re going to do. If it had been a contractor, I would have been on top of that but it was just the guy who used to live here. He thought of himself as a contractor … thought being the key word! lol AND thank you! 🙂


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