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Well, since today we went to a “normal” store (not Costco) I decided to look around a little. I’m getting ready to make a no-tortilla chicken enchilada casserole-thing and was curious about tortilla options. I found no substitute corn tortillas (I still haven’t found a way to finish off those tortillas I made) but there were two brands of low carb flour tortillas. There was one from Tia Maria (I think) but the carb counts were a little high so I bought Sol De Oro Low Carb tortillas. Both have soy (which I try to stay away from) but when you need a fix/want to be able to purchase instead of making all the time, I figured I would give it a shot.
– These are NOT gluten free. They contain whole wheat.-
First, a disclaimer. I am a tortilla snob. I’ve been eating some form of tortilla (either made by friends/neighbors or learning to make them myself) as far back as I can remember. Heck, who needs utensils when you have a tortilla to scoop up your food? So, as soon as we got home, I opened the package. I took a big whiff and … they smelled like tortillas. I turned on the griddle and waited. You can’t really know how a tortilla tastes if it’s not warm and slathered with butter.
I began heating it up. The first thing I noticed is they don’t puff up. That doesn’t really matter unless that’s what you are waiting for before flipping it over.
Once heated, I slathered with butter. The texture isn’t chewy but not brittle. The flavor is pretty dang good (not like those ancient grain ones with amaranth … before low carbing I tried those and hated them) with a very light “taste it in your nose” hint of oats. There really is no aftertaste (maybe a slight oatmeal-ish which is fine with me). So, I think we have a winner!
Even if I were to count all the carbs (instead of net carbs) one tortilla has 10 grams of carbs (with 8 grams of fiber I can fool myself a little since that’s only 2 net carbs)! That’s half my daily ration of carbs but sometimes you just have to suck it up! LOL! For science, of course. I even tested my blood sugar an hour later (hadn’t had anything to eat all day and was sucking on water and a sugar-free Rockstar) and it was 100 (has to be below 120 after a meal, though some say under 180 is o.k. but that’s another story).
With that being said, if you just have to have a tortilla, these are fantastic, relatively cheap, and so much easier than trying to make your own (and it’s not a crepe)!

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  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Thank you for the information. Can you get these locally? I still have the majority of the low carb La Tiara Tacos!

    1. thesustainablehome says:

      I’m not sure. They are based in Fresno, California but you can order from their website. I’m not sure how much shipping would be but their price per package is just about what I paid at S-Mart foods and they only require a minimum order of $5. OH! And I found a way to prepare something you don’t care for and make it edible: deep fry! LOL! I’m making chips with that tortilla recipe I made. They taste much better that way. So, we’ll scarf those, then I’ll get to work on creating a enough like original corn tortilla that I can stomach without throwing my carb count/blood sugars out of whack.


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