Well, good Friday morning, everyone!  Yes, I’m amazed I actually remembered to post my update this week!  AND just because it was Christmas two days ago, I didn’t fall off the rails in any way!  We did it up on Thanksgiving (all that food and it was just the two of us) so, since we were alone again on Christmas, we just ate normal.
As you know from my whining, my body has been out of whack since I got sick in October and I just made things worse with my carb binge a couple of weeks ago.  So, yesterday, instead of doing my cardio workout, I slept.  Imagine my surprise when FINALLY I lost 2 more pounds of bloat!  I no longer have cankles!  I’m down to 186, just one pound away from my lowest in memory and I’m thrilled!  I’ve also lost a total of an inch since my last measurements!  1/2 and inch from my waist and 1/2 and inch from my hips!  I’m surprised my thighs are the same measurement because my hamstrings are still sore from Wednesday.
I forgot to take my morning blood sugar, so when you look at my stats, you’ll see I just put a zero there.  I was so focused on getting my food in so I can do my weight training soon that I completely forgot.
I’m going to be adding a different twist to my weight training.  Double-Pause Deadlifts.  I really suck at deadlifts.  I don’t have the best posture on a normal day (while I’m typing this, I kinda look like Smeagol, squatting in my chair with my feet up on a foot stool) so when my back started hurting, my son happened to be watching me deadlift and pointed out how rounded my back was.  I’ve been trying to fix that (no back pain since I began working out again) but this method may help me to properly focus on my posture and bar positioning (all this and I can’t remember if I do deadlifts today or not … I have the three workouts written on the freezer door in the garage).
For any who are interested, in addition to my My Fitness Pal and Fitocracy links on the left side of the page, I’m posting my playlist on You Tube for fitness.  They include my 3 day weight training routine, an updated version of my cardio routine, and other basic exercises that I like.
O.k.  Time to get busy!  It’s almost time to train and I need to make some more almond flour (this time I’ll try to get a finer flour … my last try was more like meal).  Good Friday and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

3 Replies to “December 27, 2013 Update”

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Congrats on your weight loss! I think that we all have those carb binges here and there – you’re just honest enough to post it. I always feel bloated and sickly when I indulge in carbs. I just don’t feel good about them. One more lb to your lowest in memory is fantastic. Good luck!

    1. thesustainablehome says:

      Thank you … actually surpassed it this morning (184.4). I think, finally, all that bloat is gone. It took its sweet time leaving! That’s the first major binge since I started, and though I’m still in an awful “feel sorry for myself because I can’t run out and grab something to eat at a fast food restaurant that’s not a hamburger” mood, I will do my best to NOT do that again. That being said, I’m going to be trying out a chocolate cake recipe today! LOL! I’ll post it later and let you know what changes I made and how it turned out.


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