Another Call for Help

UPDATE:  Hi everybody. I have been offline for a few days because YES I DID loose everything in an Apartment Fire, it is NOT a Scam! Lou is a Financial Genius and now I am set up with Greendot and Paypal. Please if you wish to donate to us, my Paypal address is or I can get Greendot Moneypacks. Thank you all so much. Your help and friendship is a huge comfort in this time of loss. The Main thing is My Wife, Daughter, and myself are OK.

This is another long time online friend.  They lost everything Christmas night when a vengeful neighbor burned the house down because he was about to be evicted.  He was a huge ham operator, also.  My goodness, they lost everything.

Please share this post, help in any way you can (they are in Simpsonville, South Carolina), and please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!


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