Me at 188 December 15, 2013
Me at 188 December 15, 2013

Well, I waited to post this, hoping to have lost some weight by now but no.  At least I haven’t gained anything in the last 4 days or so.  Please, excuse the language but I can’t think of any other words to describe the way I have felt this past week, “Fuck it”.
I had done good but had a hard time getting my calorie requirements without going over my carb count (or at all … just not eating enough).  So, I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday that I went up to 188 (3 pounds heavier than last week) and have stayed there.  I’m feeling especially bloated (in my face, hands and lower legs).  By Friday, I had enough and in addition to whatever I ate I grabbed a sourdough roll (43 carbs) and scarfed the whole thing with tons of butter, while saying (out loud) to myself, “Fuck it”.
Then, last night, our yearly goody gift was delivered.  Every year, our now former-neighbor makes Christmas goodies (cookies, fudge, rice crispy treats, etc.) and she brought them over.  I ate one of each, then (since I haven’t done this in a while) I treated it like a test for my blood sugar.  I tested at an hour afterward and it was 205.  I thought that was pretty good since “normal” people are expected to test under 200 when they do glucose tolerance tests.  Then, I tested at 2 hours.  195.  Not good.  Normal is supposed to be below 140 at the 2 hour mark.  The true shocker for me was my morning blood sugar today was 31! So breakfast was a couple of sausage patties (if you haven’t tried the Jimmy Dean Hot sausage, you need to).
My measurements are basically the same as they were the last time I measured, so I’m really hoping this is just water retention.  I also had hubby take a picture of me.  No makeup, hair back in a pony tail, and I look old!  LOL!  Of course, my dog couldn’t handle me standing there without petting him, so he’s in there too.  I chose my camo pants to (I thought) show the difference in how they fit now compared to the last picture (they were so tight in that one that I actually tore out a button).  It doesn’t show like I was hoping but there it is.  At least I’ve done like I have said I would for the past month.  Even with this weight gain, I’m still down 23 pounds since I began again in August.
We went to Costco yesterday and stocked up on the foods that I love (and never tire of) PLUS were able to snag a copy of their yearly cookbook.  I’ll be posting some of those recipes over the next couple of weeks (altered, of course).   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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