I decided it was my turn to get a gift from me … and, of course, I got distracted making gifts for someone else.  🙂

My hat was made with the same basic pattern but it was only one strand of yarn (and it was thin-ish … still can’t just look at yarn that doesn’t have a label and know what it is).  It’s too long but at least it’s not too short!  I also discovered a new to me stitch (puff stitch), so that is around the edge.  I like it … still look like a weeble but my head will be warm!


My scarf, as you can see, is a work in progress but I wanted to share this pattern with you (before I post the pictures of my latest gifts).  I just love it!  It helps that I love the colors in the yarn, too, but I really love the way the pattern looks.  I DO have to pay more attention because a small mistake can mess up the progress of the scarf (hence why this has been torn out three times already).

Here’s a link to the pattern (I’m using the same size hook and I think yarn but it still doesn’t quite feel long enough to me):


I won’t post the pictures/patterns of my latest gifts until they arrive (being sent to Arizona as soon as I’m done) so, maybe a week?  Now to finish up my scarf, make another hat for my adopted son, then take pictures of that one, plus the other three I made.  🙂

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