Well, good Friday afternoon! This week has been a struggle to eat enough calories. I’ve been busy with my hands (either crocheting or playing a video game or looking up new crafty things to do). I haven’t been planning out my meals (like I usually do) so by the time dinner rolls around and I’m getting 800 calories for the day, I desperately find something to shove in my mouth (lately, beef jerky has been my “go to” food for extra calories and energy). I realized (too late into this illness) that I had to adjust my caloric intake due to being so damn sedentary. It’s so low that most of the time I can’t even throw in a protein shake because that will bring my protein grams too high.
The good news is, despite the fact that I was up again at 2 am coughing, I am determined to begin exercising again next week. I’ll start small. Doing weights will be fun. They are out in the garage (thankfully, this garage doesn’t leak or allow water to seep under the walls like the last one) and the mornings are getting pretty chilly for central California (can’t complain too much about that since some of my friends around the country are dealing with below freezing temperatures). So, I might be rocking my burnt orange sweatshirt instead of my girly tank top for lifting! lol Now that I’m thinking about it, I should embellish them so I feel a bit more feminine (I mostly wear men’s clothes). I never wear them in public, so why not?
Anyway, I’ve updated my stats. No change at all regarding measurements (did not do morning blood sugar since I was sucking down coffee at 2 am) BUT I now weigh 188! I have now lost 23 pounds! I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me, especially since most of my clothes are trying to slide off. I know once I start lifting again, the weight loss may slow down but my clothes will keep getting bigger and that’s all that matters to me! I hope you have a fantastic weekend (turkey’s already in the fridge because we have a super cold freezer and it takes more time). I can’t wait to try that sugar free pumpkin pie recipe! 🙂

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