This is a great post from “Living Atkins Every Day” about the influence of the Biggest Loser on our mental health and weight loss. I can’t agree more. When I hear of people who first start Atkins (or any low carb way of eating) and they lose massive amounts quickly, I’m happy, envious, and furious with my body for not doing the same thing. When I quit in 2011 due to hubby’s health issues, I wasn’t too sad about it. I was hardly losing any weight. I started at 220 pounds March 22, 2010 and ended at 200 on September 23, 2011. It took me that long to lose 20 pounds! All the while, I was on the Atkins discussion boards, watching the weight fly off of everyone else. Right now, I’m happy with the pace of my weight loss. I now know what my body likes to do. I know if a loss lasts more than two days, it will stick. If not, then it will eventually. Then I will stall for about a week or so, until my body figures out I’m not starving it and it’s o.k. to let go! I’m also hoping beyond hope that my slow weight loss will allow time for my skin to tighten up a bit so I don’t end up looking like a flattened water balloon once I’ve reached my goal. I actually had one person in October who, after I told her I had lost 15 pounds since the beginning of August, respond with shock and exclaim, “That long?”. Yes, that long! That’s how long it took me to work with my body and rid my diet of everything that was elevating my blood sugar (unlike her, who is an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic who had just ordered chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy).
Speaking of goals, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed my weight goals. I don’t have a clue. I figure 150 is a safe weight goal but it’s not really about weight. I want to be (and look) fit. The one woman I had pictures of when I was in high school was Rachel McLish. Google her. She won Ms. Olympia in 1980. What I love about her is she was able to get muscular but still remain feminine. That was before the push for women to lose so much body fat (for muscle definition) that they stopped having menstrual cycles.
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