Can you believe it? It’s actually Friday and I’m posting my stats! Health-wise, I actually thought I might be able to start exercising this week. I was feeling really good until early Thursday morning when, once again, I was up at 3 am coughing up a storm (at least this morning, I got to sleep an extra hour). And the strangest thing: all day yesterday, I would smell something burning (not like a wood fire … something different) right before a coughing attack. I’m not sure what that is but now, it feels like all my allergies are on high alert again. Heck, maybe I am allergic to the thought of exercise! It is really irritating.
On a good note, I have officially lost 20 pounds! Well, if my weight had remained the same as yesterday, it would have been 21 (I actually weighed 190 yesterday). BUT I forgot to finish my meals on My Fitness Pal yesterday and it turns out I went over … on everything but carbs. See, I completely forgot until the day before yesterday that I have another fast food outlet I can eat at: Arby’s! I’ve always loved their fake-ish roast beef so that’s pretty much what I ate for two days then last night for dinner, we had massive pork chops. The pork chop threw me over but right now, I don’t care. It was good! Today, though, it’s pretty much back to normal. I checked, and my avocados have not sped past the ripe stage to liquid, so I’ll make that avocado dip for some hamburger patties.
For the past week-ish, I’ve really been in hermit mode. I don’t want to go anywhere or talk to anyone. It felt like the most sedentary week of my life but looking at the scale, I’m happy! I’ve officially finished two crochet projects (I don’t think I have ever before considered anything truly finished), ground up pork fat from the freezer and made lard, and today I WILL get that sauerkraut started! Then, I begin trying to figure out how to finish the patchwork afghan I have going on in my head. It feels strange to have actually used up some of the yarn I’ve been holding onto (hoarding) for so many years and watch it walk out the door! I need more! 🙂 I really will try to have hubby take some pictures (if I can barely handle taking pictures of objects, there is no way any “selfie” will be to my liking). Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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