This time of year has always been difficult. This year, I am especially feeling sorry for myself. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday but with the mood I’ve been in I didn’t even attempt to buy “crap” candy to hand out … I would have eaten it because it was there. This week has been a roller coaster of not only emotions but weight. See, I’m still sick (and really tired of it). Now, it’s down to just an annoying cough but I almost thought it was more than that until we got some extra strength Mucinex. At least now, the gunk in my chest seems to be breaking up in a uniform fashion, instead of deciding to hold on for dear life for a day or more. Aside from my emotional state, my body is acting odd. If I drink less than 96 ounces of water, it decides I’m not getting enough and retains … it feels like all of it. My hands, lower legs, and face bloat up. Other than the bloating, I don’t feel any other symptoms (when I first got sick, I completely forgot to drink any water and my kidneys were messing with me … now it’s nothing like that). I think right now it’s just the perfect storm (still sick, want to hibernate because the seasons are changing, “can’t” have candy, and TOM).
It doesn’t help that my eating has been all over the place, either. I had been craving pizza … really good pizza. So, I told hubby to order some and I just won’t eat the crust. Well, that first night, that worked out great! The next day, not so much. The crust glued itself to the toppings and I just said, “F**k it” and ate probably about half a piece of crust total. That’s when the scale went nuts. I’ve gone from 195 last Friday to 200 and now back down to 197. And it wasn’t just the scale that went nuts. My blood sugar has, too. I read a few accounts of Mucinex messing with blood sugar but I won’t blame it. That first night of pizza and Mucinex, my blood sugar was 114 after dinner (it’s usually between 80 and 90 something). The next morning it had dropped to 67 (and this was before eating crust). I’m not sure if it was the extra cheese or mushrooms or what. The sauce wasn’t a factor because when we ask for light sauce, it’s barely enough to change the color of the crust (which is how we like it). I have no true way to gauge the calories because this isn’t a chain restaurant we go to. So, I’m sitting here, nit picking every single thing I have or haven’t done all week so bad that all I want to do is go hide on the couch and crochet (or play a video game). I’m being more active around the house (you know, actually doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, etc.) until I get too winded. Then, it’s back to crocheting or “killing demons”.
So, there you have it. This has been the ultimate “woe is life” week for me. Don’t you just feel sorry for me? 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend! I’m going back to basics with my eating this week (you know, boring). We’ll see what kind of change that will show on next week’s stats (and my dumb mood). In the mean time, here are my stats from this week. Not much of a change (don’t know how I lost 1/2 and inch on my thigh but a loss is a loss!).

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