Well, still coughing but I’m able to do more. My sleep pattern is still off. Two nights ago, I learned a lesson. My cough syrup’s dosage is 2 teaspoons. Well, I didn’t want to walk all the way (my house is 800 square feet) to the kitchen, so I grabbed the medicine cup from another medication. I slept hard and woke up 30 minutes before hubby had to leave for work. After waking up enough to be able to read and do math, I ended up taking 3 times the dose! No wonder I slept so hard! I won’t do that one again!
My birthday was this week and hubby got me the best birthday present: rib eye steaks (and my own copy of Diablo 3)! He barbecued them over mesquite charcoal and basted them with butter the entire time they were cooking. I’m telling you, they were the best steaks we’ve ever eaten! I swear, they were the beef equivalent to turkey because that was the first night in a long time that we both slept through the night! He’s so good to me! I’m also very proud of myself. This is the first year since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that I did not cheat.
My stats are done. I’m down a pound and 2 1/2 inches since last week. One thing I noticed while laying in bed coughing was when I tighten my stomach muscles, I can actually see a bit of them! LOL!
Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I will (I’m going to make that sauerkraut … wish me luck!).

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