Well, good Friday morning everyone!  Boy, has this been a fun week.  I told you last week about weighing 199 for the first time in YEARS!  Well, I held that weight until Tuesday (can you believe it lasted that long?), when I woke up with a chest cold.  That day, I shot up to 201.  I searched online for illness and blood sugar numbers (that morning, my fasting blood sugar was 67 … lowest ever, which according to what I read is abnormal when sick.  Usually blood sugars rise) and stumbled on this article “6. A cold virus could make you fat. Could you blame that extra 15 pounds you’ve gained on the cold you got last spring? It may not be a far-fetched idea.”  So, I didn’t really flip out.  Until this morning, when I stepped on the scale and it said 198!  I’m still sick but I’ve turned the corner (didn’t wake up at my normal time of 3 am last night) and I’ve blown through my frozen chicken stock!  I have to cook more! After reading up (and getting great advice on Fitocracy), I haven’t exercised since Monday. I slept when I needed to and did things around the house that I could manage. That’s it. Heck, last night was the first night when I felt good enough to cook!
I did things backwards today (excitement from being 198 or just fuzzy-headed), so I will be doing my stats after I post this.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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