Well, good Friday morning everyone!  I think, after what seems like forever (actually, I consider September 16, 2013 my starting date on Keto since I have officially been in Ketosis since then), my body has officially adjusted to the Keto diet.  My blood sugars have only been over 100 twice: Once after eating some bell peppers with dinner (chicken fajita) and last night after eating some avocado yet both of those readings were around 110!
Now, for the bigger news (for exact numbers, check out my stats page).  I am down to 200.  Yeah, I know I’ve been there before a couple of times the past three years but this time is different.  I’ve been 200 for 2 days in a row!  As long as I’m not stupid (get dehydrated, eat flax meal) I should stay this weight for a few days (then hopefully get lower … that’s only happened once since 2010).
AND I’ve lost more inches (some spots that haven’t moved since this last round started in late July).  Overall, I’ve lost 3 inches since last week and I can SEE the difference (even though my hubby’s pants fall right off while I still have too much rear end for that to happen).  And I have yet to have a sugar low.  No desperate grab for anything to raise my blood sugar since September 16!
Exercise: I’ve made huge milestones on that front too!  Yesterday, I did my cardio (Core Rhythms Merengue Madness which I have been doing since the first week) and I lasted 43 minutes!  The only reason I stopped was because the muscles in my legs were angry, not because it felt like my lungs would explode!  Just to refresh memories, when I started doing cardio I lasted 10 to 15 minutes.
Before I end this post, I would like to tell you I added a very basic About Keto page.  Yes, it’s very basic.  But I would also like to point you to a resource that has been wonderful: Reddit (actually it’s /r/keto).  Yes, I know it’s been around quite a while but I’m a little slow on the uptick.  So, this is my go-to place for questions/rants/whatever.  It’s amazing seeing the progress so many people have made!  Maybe I’ll have hubby take some current pictures when we get back from Fry’s (he gets to finish building his computer today).  This time, I’m taking beef jerky, some pork rinds, and LOTS of water!  😀  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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