Wow! What a week! My exercise schedule has just been “blah”. I overdid it on Tuesday (yeah, that’s the only day I really exercised) and it’s taken my hamstrings until today that I don’t have to use my arms to lower myself onto the toilet! Speaking of toilet … I think I’m just done with flax meal. I added 2 Tablespoons to my morning protein powder on Monday and it’s STILL working it’s way through my system (and the pain! You would think I scarfed a ton of pasta). After reading that information about chia seeds, I think those will replace this awful tasting painful nutritional additive! Hubby said he’s surprised I hadn’t thrown it out already. Aside from my history with exercise, I’m one stubborn person. I will keep trying until I am 200% convinced I can’t do something, learn something, or adjust.
My stats are pretty much the same aside from gaining a pound since last week (hopefully, it’s just leftover flax effect), my morning blood sugar being 11 points lower (82, down from 93 last week), and I lost 1 1/2 inches from my upper belly roll! 🙂 I’ve struggled all week with my eating and realized something. I always thought I was an “emotional eater”. After this roller coaster week, I was completely wrong. I am an “emotional faster”. A couple of days, I was lucky to hit 1000 calories. So, that explains the abysmal metabolism I’ve had throughout the years. Did I tell you about when I was in college (close to 20 years ago)? I was a single parent, had two young boys, was working full time, taking night classes, and in the process of preparing a house so we could move in (stripping wallpaper, painting, cleaning). In my nutrition class, we had to log all of our food intake for the week. Most of that week, I was living off of coffee or tea (sweetened with sugar) and MAYBE a peanut butter banana sandwich. As heavy as I was, my teacher thought I was lying! It’s amazing what you “realize” when you really look back at your life.
So, onward and downward (or upward if talking about my exercise). I’ve adjust my macros again (calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates) so my goals for this week is to hit them dead-on (or as close as I can). After meticulously researching, I am NOT going to take Januvia (like the doctor recommended) nor Metformin. I think my blood sugars are already headed in the right direction (and I read that Metformin works better alone, not paired with exercise). After this week of intestinal hell, I have added a new supplement to my diet: Probiotic pills. We’ll see if that keeps me more balanced (I don’t do yogurt … too many carbs).

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